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Solcere Keto Diet Guide​

Learn how to begin Keto, get foods lists, how-tos, tips and checklists to help you thrive.


First Chapter of The Upgrade​

Learn how the female brain gets stronger and better in midlife and beyond.


Brain Hygiene​

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Gut Health Kickstart For Alzheimer's Prevention

Gut Health Kickstart is a 32-page quick start program outlining the foundational steps to restoring gut health so you can protect your brain from Alzheimer's


Dirty Girl; Ditch the Toxins, Look Great and Feel Freaking Amazing! First chapter free

It's easy to chalk up our symptoms to age, stress or genetics. But what if all our complaints and physical problems were due to a deeper issue that we could actually impact? Well, that's where toxins come in. Often considered the “hidden epidemic,” toxins play a role in almost every chronic illness, especially degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, cardiometabolic disease and diabetes. But there IS a way to take control of this narrative and reverse disease.

Get started on reversing disease today by reading the first chapter of Dirty Girl: Ditch the Toxins, Look Great and Feel Freaking Amazing! and take back your future, today!


Using PEMF Devices for the management of Neurological Disorders and Pain Conditions

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are an emerging innovative approach to managing Neurological Disorders to get to the root cause of a condition, allowing for more effective and less costly treatment. Learn about the wide range of PEMF devices designed for home use in this book by Dr. William Pawluk.


The Musical Brain: Improve Memory, Sharpen Focus, and Master Your Mind with the Healing Power of Music

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Tune Up Your Brain
Music is much more than a diversion or a pleasant accompaniment to our lives. By singing, dancing, listening mindfully, or playing a musical instrument, you will enhance your ability to learn, remember, and improve your health now, while protecting your brain for the future.

This book is filled with fun and easy action steps that you can take right away. Most of them are things you can incorporate into your life with little or no extra time, and they will help you improve your memory, cut the brain fog, and enhance your mental health.

  • You’ll learn:
    to appreciate the sounds of silence, which can inspire the growth of new brain cells
  • how to analyze your environment so that you can deal with sonic distractions in a healthy way
  • how to protect your brain and improve your ability to concentrate, plan and make decisions
  • how to listen mindfully, which is one of the most powerful ways to boost your memory and your ability to interpret and act on new information.
  • simple and enjoyable ways to use your voice any time and any place to deal with stressful situations


Harpist, sound therapist, and Amen Licensed Brain Trainer, Kate Kunkel, has condensed thirty years of brain-boosting musical secrets into this fun and inspiring book. Information is great, but it doesn’t do much good unless you take the steps to incorporate it into your life in a deliberate way, so Kate has given you plenty of tools to put this gift to use.

When you do the humming and singing exercises in this book, you'll also be triggering the all-important connections between your heart, your brain, and your other organs. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to enhance the all-important vagus nerve that also has such an impact on your gut, and therefore the health of your brain.

There are so many amazing benefits of music for your brain, you'll want to explore all of them in this energetic guide.


21 Ways to Prevent & Reverse an Autoimmune Brain on Fire

21 Ways to Prevent and Reverse an Autoimmune Brain on Fire, a comprehensive guide from Dr. Keesha Ewers. You’ll learn how to calm the fire and boost memory, cognition, focus, and clarity.


Beyond Brain Fog

Dr. Bredesen explains symptoms of post pandemic brain fog


The Bredesen Seven

Advice from the research of Dr. Dale Bredesen: Strategies to enhance cognition and reverse decline. Simple steps to get started and more!


Cognitive Decline: Solving the Puzzle Free Webinar

Use a personalized approach to reverse cognitive decline before it’s too late.


The Architect of the Survival Response & Neurodegenerative Diseases

Chapters 2 + 11 from Dr. Isaac Eliaz's best-selling book, The Survival Paradox: Reversing the Hidden Cause of Aging and Chronic Disease. What you'll learn:

  1. How the body’s master “survival protein” galectin-3 drives neuroinflammation and neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s and others.
  2. Natural strategies for blocking galectin-3 to address neurodegeneration, inflammatory responses, and more.
  3. Dr. Eliaz’s key supplements and guidelines for addressing neurodegenerative diseases.


Resilience Assessment Booklet

How resilient are you? A guided self-assessment of how well you handle the stresses of life and how optimally you function.

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