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The Ultimate At-Home Masterclass For Caretakers

Introducing a comprehensive 11-module at-home education program to become a better caretaker for your loved ones stress-free!

Hi, Dr. Sandison here, host of the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit and founder of Marama where our goal is a world without dementia.

Do you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia? Or maybe they haven’t been diagnosed but are showing the early warning signs?

Either way, we created this highly immersive “how-to” course to help make your life stress-free when caring for a loved one while also improving their quality of life.

We know this can be confusing and challenging to take on….

And we also know the joy of watching someone with dementia transform, regain function, and improve their quality of life… 

Believe me, it’s worth it!

This course is based on what I’ve learned from the amazing doctor’s I’ve worked with and interviewed on this Summit, from my clinical and research experience helping dementia patients… 

And from all we have learned caring for our residents at Marama.

Here’s a snapshot of how I’ll support you on this journey…

Based on the Groundbreaking Protocol

By the end of this course you will have the essential information necessary to get your loved one the most out of this experience AND from the comfort of home! 

In 2017 Dr. Dale Bredesen published a book titled “The End of Alzheimer’s” detailing the steps he had proven an individual can take to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. 

The research outlined in the book and subsequent research has proven this is possible, and a large part of the approach is lifestyle based. 

An immersive experience in that lifestyle is what we offer at Cognitive Care Homes.

Our medical director has trained with Dr. Dale Bredesen MD, Dr. Neil Nathan, MD, Dr. Bill Walsh, PhD and Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD. We are dedicated to learning all there is to know about brain health and consider the people in our care some of our very best teachers.

And here’s a sneak peek inside of each
comprehensive masterclass module:

  •  Understanding meds and how/when to give
  •  Meals
  •  Activities
  •  Sleep
  •  Hygiene
  •  Environment
  •  Self-care
  •  Morning ritual
  •  Pill boxes 101
  •  Digital apps
  •  Dealing with pill fatigue
  •  Understanding supplements
  •  How to focus on information driving decisions
  •  Lab work timeline
  •  Getting provider support on medication and supplements
  •  Preparing goals and questions ahead of time
  •  Leaving with a plan
  •  Redirection
  •  Not taking it personally
  •  Authenticity
  •  Empowerment
  •  Compassion for self and others
  •  Curiosity
  •  Release expectations
  •  Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care
  •  Helpful phrases
  •  Keto basics
  •  Role of healthy fats
  •  Menu planning
  •  Shopping
  •  Helpful resources
  •  Supplements to consider
  •  Latest research
  •  Typical day goals
  •  Brain training/brain games
  •  Mindfulness and meditation
  •  Red Light therapy
  •  Creative play
  •  Fun, engaging games
  •  Outdoor activities
  • Creating balance
  •  Science of caregiver risk
  •  Cultivating self-compassion
  • The science of exercise and cognitive improvement
  •  Improvement in blood circulation
  •  Synaptic plasticity
  •  Neurogenesis
  •  Neurotrophic factors
  •  Exerkines
  •  Epigenetic factors
  •  Stress release & relief
  •  Exercise types
  •  Adaptive Contrast Oxygen
  •  Safety concerns
  •  Toxins
  •  Eliminating clutter and distractions
  •  Natural light
  •  Comfort
  •  Soothing sounds
  •  Air quality
  •  Food storage and cookware
  •  Power of an evening ritual
  •  Light exposure
  •  Media exposure
  •  Oral care
  •  Sound exposure
  •  Mattress and bedding
  •  Temperature
  •  Blood flow and O2 at night
  •  Optimizing sleep
  •  Executing the plan
  •  Next steps
  •  More support

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And if you’re still not sure, I’m so confident that this course will change your life and the life of your loved one that I’m giving you a full 60 days to try it out.

That means if you don’t see a massive difference in your stress levels, caretaking abilities, and in how your loved one’s enjoyment of life with 60 days, send me a note and we’ll refund every penny.

Ready to make life amazingly better
for you and your loved one?

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