Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit 2.0, Learn how to prevent Alzheimer’s: Our memories may slightly diminish as we age, but memory loss is not inevitable. Learn how to fortify your brain against an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. We'll hear from the world’s Alzheimer’s experts about cutting-edge technology, scientific advancements, and medical options to reverse the signs of Alzheimer’s.

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About the SUmmit

Alzheimer’s disease may feel like a death sentence – both for your loved one and your relationship – but there’s more to Alzheimer’s disease than meets the eye. 

You are not powerless in the face of a diagnosis. You can make a difference.

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Straight Forward Supplementation For Brain Health

Darrin Peterson


Digesting the Gut – Brain Connection

Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP


Identifying Patients At Highest Risk of Cognitive Decline Due To Alzheimer’s Disease, From a Simple Saliva Sample…and The Actions To Delay Onset of Symptoms

Dr. Richard Pither


Mycotoxin Testing and Treatment for Brain Health

Elizabeth Seymour, MD



William Pawluk, MD, MSc


Chronic Illness & Environmental Toxicants

Wendie Trubow, MD

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